UAP secure your home with £5000 anti-burglary guarantee!

It is not always enough to have locked your door; intruders are becoming smart with their methods of gaining access to a property and can often break in to a standard cylinder within minutes. It’s important to make sure all of the access points of your home are as secure as possible – with additional security features on locks … Continue reading “UAP secure your home with £5000 anti-burglary guarantee!”

What is Secured by Design?

The Secured by Design (SBD) UK Police flagship initiative, established in 1989, aims to tackle burglary and criminal damage with improved home security products. To be certified under the Secured by Design initiative, security products must undergo stringent testing based on common burglary methods. They must display evidence of their effectiveness in reducing crime – usually by resisting … Continue reading “What is Secured by Design?”

Put Safe-ty First – Find out more about our home safe range.

Investing in a safe can give you peace of mind that your valuable assets are safely secured, improving your home and business security. Here at Quality locks we offer a range of safes to meet various security needs and ensure the safety of your personal belongings. The rating or classification of a safe indicates different levels of … Continue reading “Put Safe-ty First – Find out more about our home safe range.”

Secure valuables with the low cost CitySafe padlock!

Padlocks are an extremely convenient way of securing your belongings. Here at quality locks you’ll find a wide range of inexpensive and versatile CitySafe padlocks available in different sizes, styles and materials to suit all your security needs. Made from either a tough brass or stainless steel body, these padlocks are highly resistant to corrosion … Continue reading “Secure valuables with the low cost CitySafe padlock!”

Stay secure with our guide to door security and cylinders

It can take just seconds for an intruder to break a standard euro cylinder to gain access to your property. Burglars have become smart in finding ways to break into homes, and exploiting weaknesses in door cylinders has become a growing problem. Lock snapping is one of the most common lock breaking techniques. Burglars have … Continue reading “Stay secure with our guide to door security and cylinders”