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8 Inch Victorian Slimline Hidden Fix Door Knocker - Lifetime Coating Guarantee

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Product Information
Fitting Instructions

It is no secret that a decorative, ornamental door knocker can really improve and enhance the overall appearance of an entrance door, and add substantial value onto a property. The 8 inch slimline door knocker adds class and style to any front door as they are universally appealing and aesthetically pleasing. With its slim vertical profile the 8” slimline Victorian urn is ideal for doors with planks, panels or mouldings and their timeless, elegant appearance means that they are always in demand.

The exquisite 8 inch Victorian Slimline Urn Hidden Fix Door Knocker from UAP has a super-strong, waterproof adhesive covering, so fixing a door knocker has never been so simple. Each knocker has an innovative Hidden Fix design, removing the need to drill through a door and attach the door knocker using unsightly bolts on the back of your door. This means the knocker can be easily removed, designed to leave no damage to the door. 

The self adhesive door knocker works by having 2 parts – the actual door knocker, and a Patented ‘lollipop’. Both the self adhesive door knocker and ‘lollipop’ feature an ultra strong and industrial closed cell foam adhesive, which once set will be nearly impossible to pull off the door.

Suitable for all types of doors including uPVC and composite doors the Victorian Urn self adhesive Door Knockers are a perfect choice for anyone looking to add class and tradition to their overall front door design and home exterior.

Door Knocker Features:

1 Classic Victorian style look - common on a lot of doors 
2 Made from 316 grade stainless steel
3 Lifetime coating guarantee anywhere in the country
4 1 hour fire rated
5 Patented unique hidden fixing mechanism 
6 Make seeing bolts on the inside of the door a thing of the past
7 Waterproof seal stops rusting behind the door knocker
8 Possible to take the door knocker back off the door with relative easy using a stanley knife – once removed there is not much damage to the door
9 Available with or without a hole for door viewers (spyholes)

Live Near The Coast?

Products pitting and rusting near the coast is a very common problem due to the salt in the air

If you live near the coast (defined as within 25 miles away) or within 5 miles of a heavily populated industrial area, it is a very common problem for door hardware to pit and rust (usually within 6 months of it being fitted). The high concentration of salt and chemicals in the air corrodes most metals including brass, zinc, zamak, nickel and more.

UAP have developed a range of products developed specifically for the coast - called Nanocoast. These products are made from 316 grade stainless steel, and have been salt spray tested to ASTM B117:2005 for 2000+ hours (the industry standard is 480 hours).

UAP are so confident with the quality of their Nanocoast products that they offer a LIFETIME coating guarantee, meaning that they will not pit or rust no matter where you put them in the country! 

Technical Information

Door knocker height 195mm
Door knocker width 53mm
Door knocker thickness 10mm
Door viewer hole size  12mm

Fitting Instructions

Fitting Your Door Knocker

The self adhesive door knocker consists of 2 parts: the door knocker body and the self adhesive ‘lollipop.’ To fit the door knocker, we have supplied fixing screws. You will also need a tape measure, pencil and a screwdriver or drill:

1 – Line up the ‘lollipop’ onto the door and peel off the adhesive tape

2 – Use a screwdriver to screw in the 2 screws supplied to secure the lollipop

3 – Find the locating point of the lollipop and the locating point of the door knocker

4 – Peel off the adhesive tape on the back of the door knocker

5- Position the door knocker into the locating point of the lollipop

6 – Press the door knocker onto the lollipop until it ‘clicks’ into place

7 – Once the door knocker is on the door, give it a tug to make sure it is on properly

Leave the adhesive for 24 hours to cure


Cleaning Your Door Knocker

Every month, wipe the door knocker over with a moist cloth and remove any dust particles that may have accumulated.

Pay particular attention to any moving parts around the striker arm, and finish off by wiping the door knocker with a lint free cloth.


Door Knocker Guarantee

We guarantee the door knocker and finish against the following;

Surface Coating

We guarantee that the door knockers have a lifetime coating guarantee subject to;

1. The door knockers are applied to a door, window frame or door.

2. The door knockers are fixed correctly and are not scratched or damaged at any time during the installation process or thereafter.

3. The door knockers are cleaned monthly with a moist cloth and not with any form of cleaning agents.

4. No claim will be accepted for any door knockers that is scratched or mutilated or fitted incorrectly.


We guarantee that the door knockers will not fail mechanically in normal use during the 5 year guarantee period subject to the conditions outlined above.

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