Have you heard of Doorstep Crime?

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Distraction crimes and doorstep scams are used by criminals as a way of gaining access to your home.

Those attempting to gain unauthorised entry into your home will come up with various distraction techniques including  posing as officials or traders with the sole purpose of either tricking or forcing their way into your home to steal.

There are many simple and affordable home security upgrades you can make to help protect yourself from doorstep crime.

 Door Viewers

Many homeowners overlook the importance of really seeing who is on the other side of the door and essentially this can actually be the best way to prevent unwanted guests, break-ins, and scams.

By installing a door viewer you can check who has knocked on your door before unlocking your door and potentially leaving yourself and home vulnerable to attack.

Check out our vast range of door viewers available in a range of finishes and sizes. 

High Security Door Chains

The protection of a high security door chain not only means you can speak to a caller through the door, but it makes it difficult for criminals to barge through the door as soon as it’s unlocked.

before  installing a  door chain,  make sure the door chain you have purchased has a high breaking force, and if possible has individually welded links for additional strength.

Also look out to see if the door chain is ‘Secured by Design’ approved from the Association of Police Officers, meaning that it has passed many security tests.

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Check ID

Don’t be fooled by bogus tradesman and officials! Ask the caller to pass their ID through the identity card entry slot so that you can check their credentials. By law all tradespeople have to carry a form of identification.

We stock a range of ID Card Entry Slots which enable you to check the ID of a caller without having to open your door. Simply lift up the latch on the inside to allow the caller to pass their ID through.

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