Is your home protected from lock-bumping?

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What is lock bumping?

Lock bumping is one of the worse ways in which a lock can be breached, as it often leaves little evidence that the lock has been attacked which can result in insurance companies refusing to pay out.

It involves placing a ‘bump key’ into the lock and striking with a heavy object, causing the pins in the cylinder to vibrate and eventually tricking them into opening.

An effective way to be protected from this form of lock breaking technique is to upgrade to an anti-bump cylinder.

Lock Bumping

Many new cylinders have anti-bump features built into them; however, there are still a lot of homes that rely on cheaper budget cylinders which have little or no protection!

The solution

Anti-bump Cylinders! We stock high security cylinders that incorporate a patented anti-bump system to ward off criminals that attempt to break in to your home using this common lock breaking technique.

1 star and 3 star kitemarked cylinders from UAP feature a patented anti-bump timing pin system designed to interrupt the timing of the pins when bumped and protecting your home against this method of attack.

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Another alternative is the Pickbuster.

Pickbuster is very easy to install and is a simple, cost effective and long lasting alternative to  upgrading your existing locks! It is available to purchase as a 1 Pack or 5 Pack!


How does it work?

A high tack lubricant is applied into the cylinder via the key entrance, coating the pins in the cylinder with the lubricant. After this is done if someone tries to bump the cylinder, the pins do not vibrate as much, meaning the cylinder can no longer be tricked into opening.

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