Secure valuables with the low cost CitySafe padlock!

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Padlocks are an extremely convenient way of securing your belongings.

Here at quality locks you’ll find a wide range of inexpensive and versatile CitySafe padlocks available in different sizes, styles and materials to suit all your security needs.

Made from either a tough brass or stainless steel body, these padlocks are highly resistant to corrosion to protect against the elements as well as thieves.

Choosing the right type of padlock is essential to ensuring that your valuables are secure. Not only do CitySafe padlocks have hardened steel shackles, but they are available in a variety of lengths and security ratings to make sure you have the perfect padlock for the job.

With security ratings, ranging from 3-6, and some having the ability to double lock, these padlocks provide varying levels of security.

Simply there is a padlock for whatever you may need to secure –sheds, lockers, gates and even vans and lorries!

Each padlock comes with 2 keys and a 10 year mechanical guarantee.


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