Stay secure with our guide to door security and cylinders

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It can take just seconds for an intruder to break a standard euro cylinder to gain access to your property. Burglars have become smart in finding ways to break into homes, and exploiting weaknesses in door cylinders has become a growing problem.

Lock snapping is one of the most common lock breaking techniques. Burglars have devised a way of breaking the cylinder to then manipulate the lock to open. Unfortunately, even with a good multipoint locking system, a weak cylinder is vulnerable to snapping attacks, providing an easy gateway into your property.

Cylinder Snapping

Thieves exploit the weakest part of the cylinder, which lies at the central screw position. When force is applied the lock simply snaps, exposing the door’s locking mechanism.

To be confident that your door security can withstand attack it’s essential to install a cylinder that incorporates added security features. Checking that your cylinder is stamped with a BSI Kitemark is a good place to start.

The BSI Kitemark is a sign of quality, confirming the cylinder has been  thoroughly tested to defend against lock breaking techniques.

Fitting your euro cylinder

Installing the correct size cylinder is vital in protecting your home against cylinder snapping. When upgrading your locks, make sure the cylinder sits flush to the door handle.

Cylinders that protrude as little as 2mm from the handle can be easily gripped my tools and broken.

 UAP cylinder security features

Our range of high security UAP cylinders have been specifically developed and tested to protect against snapping attacks. UAP+ and Kinetica euro cylinders cleverly incorporate a sacrificial cut line on each end so when force is applied to either side, the cylinder will break away to the sacrificial cut line only, leaving the locking mechanism intact and not allowing access to the property.

UAP+ and Kinetica cylinders are packed full of security features to protect against a number of lock breaking techniques. With anti-drill pins and a patented anti-bump system, UAP cylinders offer maximum protection from drilling, lock bumping and picking.

3 Star Door Security

To achieve 3 star security in just one product, simply install the Kinetica 3* Euro Cylinder.


Combine the UAP+ High Security 1* Euro Cylinder with the 2* High Security Front Door Handle.

It is always recommended that 1 star cylinders are installed with 2 star door hardware for a 3 star door security solution.

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