What is a British Kitemarked Cylinder?

Kitemarked Cylinders
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What is a BSI Kitemark?

 The British Standards Institution (BSI) carries out security testing and certification services for doors, locks and windows. Products that have been BSI certified carry the British Kitemark symbol.

This globally recognised and trusted symbol demonstrates that a product is of high quality, secure and reliable as it has been thoroughly tested and checked to meet a recognised industry standard or need.

A BSI Kitemarked product can be awarded one of three levels:

– 1 Star Kitemark
– 2 Star Kitemark
– 3 Star Kitemark

During BSI Kitemark tests, cylinders are tested for a number of different elements including:

– Attack Resistance
– Corrosion and Temperature Resistance
– Durability
– Key Related Security
– Safety

Protect your Home from Common Burglary Attacks

Many cylinders installed in homes throughout the UK are not Kitemarked and haven’t been tested to any standards or gone through any security tests. This means that they won’t be protected against the most common burglary attacks and can be broken into in a matter of seconds!

It’s important to make sure that the cylinder fitted to your door is Kitemarked so your home is protected. Some insurance provides insist that you have a BSI Kitemarked cylinder installed in order to be covered. You can tell if it is by seeing if it has the heart shaped BSI Kitemarked logo on it (pictured above).

If your cylinder isn’t BSI Kitemarked don’t worry! At Quality Locks we stock an extensive range of 1 Star and 3 Star Kitemarked cylinders – shop the range today!

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