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Composite Door Hinges - Lifetime Coating Guarantee

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Product Information

The UAP door hinges have been designed for both timber and composite doors. the UAP composite door hinges are 4 inches in height and are versatile, fitting either on the left or on the right side of a door.

Though many consider the hinges to be simply what holds the door in place, they actually play a major role in door security. This special door hardware goes far beyond the obvious and its durability and overall strength is essential to ensuring that intruders stay out.

These hinges are part of the Nanocoast range, which means that they're made from 316 grade stainless steel and salt spray tested to ASTM B117:2005 for 2,000 hours! They comes with a LIFETIME guarantee that they won't rust or pit at the coast.

If you have invested in other UAP door hardware, these impressive Nanocoast Composite Door Hinges are a great choice as they will match other UAP products perfectly in finish and overall design.

Door Hinge Features:

1 Suitable for timber and composite doors
2 1 hour fire rated 
3 Can fit on either the left or right side of a door
4 Tested to 80kg force
5 Stainless Steel finish and Lifetime coating guarantee
6 Tested to EN1935:2002

Live Near The Coast?

Products pitting and rusting near the coast is a very common problem due to the salt in the air

If you live near the coast (defined as within 25 miles away) or within 5 miles of a heavily populated industrial area, it is a very common problem for door hardware to pit and rust (usually within 6 months of it being fitted). The high concentration of salt and chemicals in the air corrodes most metals including brass, zinc, zamak, nickel and more.

UAP have developed a range of products developed specifically for the coast - called Nanocoast. These products are made from 316 grade stainless steel, and have been salt spray tested to ASTM B117:2005 for 2000+ hours (the industry standard is 480 hours).

UAP are so confident with the quality of their Nanocoast products that they offer a LIFETIME coating guarantee, meaning that they will not pit or rust no matter where you put them in the country! 

Technical Information

Composite Door Hinge Dimensions:

Overall Length (A) 100mm
Overall Width (B)  82mm
Square Hinge Plate Width (C) 40mm
Rounded Hinge Plate Width  (D)  30mm
Hinge Thickness (E)  12mm
Distance Between Screw Holes (F) 24mm
Screw Hole Width (G) 5mm
Distance Between Screw Holes (H) 12mm
Screw Hole Width (I) 9mm
Hinge Segment Lengths (J) 20mm

Door Hinge Guarantee

We guarantee the door hinge and finish against the following;

Surface Coating

We guarantee that the stainless steel based Nanocoast door hinges have a lifetime coating guarantee subject to;

1. The door hinges are applied internally to a door, window frame or door panel and no item of door furniture on the door, window frame or door panel are sealed or fixed using any form of silicone sealant or the like

2. The door hinges are fixed internally and correctly using the correct fixings and are not scratched or damaged at any time during the installation process or thereafter

3. The door hinges are cleaned monthly with a moist cloth and not with any form of cleaning agents

4. No claim will be accepted for any door hinge that is scratched or mutilated or fitted incorrectly


We guarantee that the door restrictors will not fail mechanically in normal use during the 2 year guarantee period subject to the conditions outlined above.

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