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Door Stay

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Product Information
Fitting Instructions

The restrictor limits the door opening to a preset position, or to a maximum of 90 degrees, and includes an easy-to-fit eurogroove and bracket to frame. Our Door Stay is perfectly suitable for all major uPVC profiles, and measures 335mm in length. It can withstand thousands of openings without becoming damaged, and does not become affected by daily wear and tear!  

Additionally, a carefully constructed slider contains special friction screws to hold the door open in wind conditions, so that it remains stable and steady. 

Door Stay Features:

1  Suitable for ALL major UPVC profiles
2 Easy to fit 
3 Modern and innovative design
4 Can withstand thousands of openings
5 Independently tested to withstand gale force winds!
6 Door stay made with a steel arm
7 335mm in length

Technical Information

Fitting Instructions

Fitting Your Door Stay

The UAP Door Stay is very easy to fit and install:

Door Stay fitting 1

1. Position the UAP Door Stay on to the head of the door sash (105mm from the sash rebate corner on the hinge side.)

Door Stay fitting 2

2. Position the striker plate behind the bead groove on the outer frame 45mm from the corner and screw into position.

Door Stay fitting 3

3. After hanging the sash, clip the arm of the UAP Door Stay into the striker plate.

Door Stay Guarantee

We guarantee the door stay and finish against the following;

Surface Coating

We guarantee that the door stay will not tarnish for a period of 2 years subject to;

1. The door stays are applied internally to a door, window frame or door panel and no item of door furniture on the door, window frame or door panel are sealed or fixed using any form of silicone sealant or the like

2. The door stays are fixed internally and correctly using the correct fixings and are not scratched or damaged at any time during the installation process or thereafter

3. The door stays are cleaned monthly with a moist cloth and not with any form of cleaning agents

4. No claim will be accepted for any door stay that is scratched or mutilated or fitted incorrectly


We guarantee that the above products will not fail mechanically during the 2 year guarantee period subject to the conditions outlined above.

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