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Product Information

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Cylinder Gauge can be used to accurately measure the correct size cylinder you need for your door and can be assembled in just a few seconds.

How to measure what size cylinder you need

The easiest way to measure what size cylinder you need, is to purchase the MAX6MUM SECURITY cylinder gauge. This fits together as shown above. However you can also use a ruler. To find out what size cylinder you need, follow the below instructions:

1 - Put the centre of the cylinder gauge (B) into the retaining screw hole on your door (there is no need to remove the retaining screw).

2 - Adjust the lever (A) on the gauge to the end of your door handle (do not measure what the exisiting cylinder is at it may be the wrong size and cause the cylinder to overhang, which makes it vulnerable to burglars).

3 - Read off measurement (A) on the gauge.

4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 for side (C). This will be the side your thumb turn is on.

5 - You will now have 2 measurements for (A) and (C) in mm. If your measurement is an odd size (not divisible by 5) i.e. 38mm, round it up to the nearest 5mm, so this would be a measurement of 40mm.

If measurement (A) is 40mm, and measurement (C) is 50mm, the cylinder size you would need is a 40/50T cylinder (smallest measurement size usually comes first in the listing) which is 90mm overall. The T in the product code indicated what side the thumb turn is on. If measurement (A) is 50mm, and measurement (C) is 40mm, the cylinder size you would need is a 40T/50 cylinder.

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