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Pickbuster 5 Lock Sachet

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Lock-bumping is by far one of the most common methods to breaking into homes. 

Many new cylinders have anti-bump feature built into them; however there are still a lot of homes that rely on standard budget cylinders which have little or no protection against common burglary attacks.

The Pickbuster® is a simple, cost effective and long lasting alternative to upgrading existing cylinder locks. The effective and easy to apply Pickbuster® is one of its kind and a perfect choice for a quick boost in home security to protect cylinders from lock bumping.

A high tack lubricant is applied into the cylinder via the key entrace to coat the pins inside, meaning when someone tries to bump the cylinder, the pins don't vibrate as much and cannot be tricked into opening.

The Pickbuster® solution comes in a sachet which fits into the key entrance of a cylinder. In the package you will receive enough Pickbuster® solution to secure up to five locks around the home. 


Pickbuster Features:

1 Designed to upgrade an existing cylinder lock, protecting it from bumping
2 Specially designed solution which is inserted into old locks to make them anti-bump
3 A high tack lubricant is applied into the cylinder via the key entrance
4 Coats the pins in the cylinder so the pins don't vibrate as much when bumped and it cannot be tricked into opening
5 Comes with enough solution for 5 locks
6 Easy to use and installed in seconds
7 Each application lasts for 2 years

Installing Pickbuster is very easy using four simple steps to make your locks bump resistant.

STEP 1: Open your Pickbuster pack.

STEP 2: Remove a single Pickbuster sachet.

STEP 3: Cut off the application end of the sachet.

STEP 4: Slowly squeeze the contents of Pickbuster into the lock.

We recommend applying the solution in the evening after you are in for the evening to allow the solution to set fully overnight, though approximately four or five hours is more than enough.

Once applied, it needs to be left for around four to five hours so it can be absorbed by the mechanism. In the first few uses the solution may be left on your key after use. If this happens, simply wipe the solution off the key.

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