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TS003 Narrow Door Chains

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Product Information
Fitting Instructions

The UAP TS003 narrow door chain is one of the only door chains on the market to be awarded ‘Secured by Design’ approval by the association of police officers.

Improving door security requires protection not only against break-ins while homeowners are away but also protection from intruders knocking at the front door. The UAP narrow TS003 door chains are made from high grade steel and what makes it stand apart from other door chains is that it can exceed a breaking force of over 2kN (200Kg). This is achieved by each link in the door chain being individually machine welded, providing additional strength and resilience to forced entry!

Door Chain Features:

1 Awarded Secured by Design approval by the Association of Police Officers
2 TS003 approved
3 1 hour fire rated
4 Narrow door chain style
5 Made from high grade steel
6 Individually machine welded links makes the chain extra strong
7 Exceeds breaking force over 2Kn (200kg)
8 Suitable for every type and size of door
9 Available in 3 finishes
10 Tested in accordance with DHF TS 003:2012 standards

Technical Information

Door chain length 220mm
Number of links 10 Links
Link thickness 3mm
Link width 12mm
Receiver plate length 43mm
Reciever plate width 38mm
Chain holder length 62mm
Chain holder width 14mm
Material Steel

What is TS003?

TS003:2012 is the most up to date specification for door chains and limiters and is used in numerous standards within the industry including Secured by Design. In order to reach TS003:2012, a door chain is tested to see if it can withstand the effects of extreme and repeated force and abuse. The door chain is put through tests of both ‘attack mode’ and ‘abuse mode’ and if it is still intact after these tests have been carried out then it will pass.

The test for abuse mode is designed to replicate the actions of someone repeatedly opening and closing a door with some force. Firstly, the door chain is fitted as per the instructions of the manufacturer; it is then subjected to a force of 100N. This is repeated 200 times to see if it can withstand the force without the door opening or the chain breaking. Further to this, the chain must allow the door to close again sufficiently afterwards.

Attack mode is supposed to replicate quite a strong person shoulder barging or kicking into a door which has the chain installed. To test this safely a 30 kg sandbag is hung from the door chain to see if it can withstand the force.

Fitting Instructions

Fitting Your Door Chain

The extra strong high security door chain consists of 3 parts: The chain, the holder and the receiving plate (with the cut out in its centre). Fixing screws are also supplied in the pack.

1 - The chain and holder are to be fixed to the side of the doorframe. You should put the chain at a height that suits you. But we would recommend at around waist height, so you do not have to bend down when using it.

2 - Use the fixing screws to securely fix the chain holder to the door frame. The holder should be pointing upwards with the door chain ring fixed into the indentation. If fixing into wooden frame then you may find it slightly easier to make a small pilot hole first. If fixing into plastic do not make a pilot hole. You can make an indent to start the screws grabbing.

3 - Once done, line the receiver plate with the edge of the door and the holding plate. The cut in the holding plate is to be facing the edge of the door. Now fix the receiver plate using the remaining screws and the same procedure as above.

Testing Your Door Chain

In the middle of the door chain you will find a flat plate. The flat plate goes into the slot in the receiving plate. Make sure the chain fits correctly and slides easily.

Using Your Door Chain

When someone approaches your door, put the flat plate into the receiving plate. This will enable you to open the door a few inches to see who is at the door.

Cleaning Your Door Chain

Every month, wipe the door chain over with a moist cloth and remove any dust particles that may have accumulated. Finish off by wiping the door chain with a lint free cloth.


Door Chain Guarantee

We guarantee the door chain and finish against the following;

Surface Coating

We guarantee that the door chains have a 2 year coating guarantee subject to;

1. The door chains are applied to a door, window frame or door frame, and no item of door furniture on the door, window frame or door panel are sealed or fixed using any form of silicone sealant or the like.

2. The door chains are fixed internally and correctly using the correct fixings and are not scratched or damaged at any time during the installation process or thereafter.

3. The door chains are cleaned monthly with a moist cloth and not with any form of cleaning agents.

4. No claim will be accepted for any door chain that is scratched or mutilated or fitted incorrectly.


We guarantee that the door chains will not fail mechanically in normal use during the 2 year guarantee period subject to the conditions outlined above.

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