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UAP Rim Cylinder

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Product Information
Fitting Instructions

UAP is one of the leading cylinder manufacturers in the industry, and the UAP Rim cylinder is a great choice for inexpensive home security installation, which can be quickly and easily fitted by you in seconds (see below for the installation guide.)

Each Rim Cylinder has 6 pins and packed full of security features including an anti-bump system, anti -drill and anti-pick feature to ward off criminals that attempt to break in to your home using the most common burglary methods! 

Cylinder Features:

1 70mm rim cylinder
2 Supplied with 3 keys (extra keys available if needed)
3 Patented anti-bump feature
4 3 anti-pick pins per side
5 4 hardened steel anti-drill pins per side
6 Has 6 pins for added security
7 Unrestricted keyway makes it easier for you to get additional keys cut at your local key cutters
8 Can be keyed alike to Kinetica 3* cylinders and UAP 1* cylinders

Keyed Alike 

What makes the UAP rim cylinder unique is the fact we have the facility to key alike the Rim Cylinder to our Kinetica 3* Kitemarked euro cylinders and our UAP 1* Kitemarked euro cylinders which is a huge benefit!

If you want to pair alike a rim cylinder to one of our UAP+  or Kinetica cylinders please contact us for a quote.

key alike with rim cylinder


Cylinder Security Features

Bumping is a method where locks are tricked into opening as the believe the correct key has been inserted

A specially crafted bump key is used, and through striking the key into the lock, it caused the pins to jump up and down, and eventually line up so the lock can be opened. There is often little trace that a lock has been bumped (only through forensic testing) and insurance companies will often not pay out as they believe that the door has been left open. UAP+ cylinders use a patented anti-bump system to prevent this from happening. It is a truly formidable barrier to lock bumping.

4 x hardened steel anti-drill pins in each side of the cylinder, 2 in the plug and 2 in the barrel. These require a special drill bit to break through. Common drill bits will have no effect. Plus all moving pins are nickel plated hardened steel 50 HRC minimum.

A minimum of 3 anti-pick pins are in each side of the cylinder which makes it extremely difficult for a common burglar to pick the cylinder.

Fitting Instructions:

1) Carefully mark out the position of the cylinder on the door. It should go exactly 40mm from the edge of the door.

2) Drill a hole where you have marked using a 32mm drill bit; make sure you keep the drill level.

3) Feed the cylinder through the hole and make sure the connecting bar is the correct length – trim if not.

4) With the supplied bolts, bolt the mounting plate to the cylinder. As you tighten them, position the plate 1.5mm from the edge of the door.

5) Ensure the bracket is in the right place by temporarily attaching the latch. To do this place the latch onto the bracket and locate the cylinder’s bar, putting it into the hole on the latch by a few mm. The latch should be perfectly level with the edge of the door.

6) Screw the bracket in place when you are happy with the position.

7) Re-attach the latch and secure it with 2 small retaining bolts.

8) Close the door and using the latch as your guide mark the position for the strike plate ensuring it is lined up perfectly.

9) The strike plate needs to be recessed into the door frame. Open the door then mark round the strike place.

10) Chisel out where you have marked so the strike plate sits flush with the door frame. Screw the plate down.



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