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White Window Lock (Sash Jammer)

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The Window Locks (Sash Jammers) offer a quick and low cost home security solution. Designed to combat the most common burglary techniques, the Window Lock (Sash Jammer) offers resistance to deter forced entry into homes by preventing the levering of the window sash or door leaf.

Burglars can access uPVC doors and windows by using door spreaders to prise open and lever the window or door open to gain entry. With just a twist of the window lock (sash jammer) handle, it is secured over the frame, offering resistance to deter forced entry.

The window locks (sash jammers) are available in white and brown finishes, to help match the uPVC frame. 

Window Lock (Sash Jammer) Features:

1 Designed for uPVC windows and doors
2 Offers resistance to deter forced entry
3 Prevents the levering of the sash or door leaf - a common burglary technique
4 Easily secured with the twist of the sash jammer handle
5 Available in white and brown finishes to colour match with the uPVC frame
6 Comes with 1mm and 2mm packers

Each window lock (sash jammer) comes with 1mm and 2mm packers, which ensures a secure and stylish fit onto different profiles.

You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

Quantity Price per unit
2+ £2.65
4+ £2.50
5+ £2.40
6+ £2.30
8+ £2.19
10+ £2.00
15+ £1.90
20+ £1.80
30+ £1.67
40+ £1.63
50+ £1.50

Fitting Instructions

Fitting Your Window Lock (Sash Jammer)

1. First you will need to see if your window opens inwards or outwards. If the window opens inwards, the sash jammer (A) is to be fitted to the fixed window frame. If the window restrictor opens outwards, it is to be fitted to the window on the same panel as the window handle.

2. You will need to decide how high on the window you want the sash jammer. We recommend that you have it around half way up the panel.

3. Take the sash jammer and place it on the window (either on the fixed panel, or the frame itself (see step 1). Mark the 2 screw holes on the window frame using a pencil.

4. A removable cap has been provided on the end of the sash jammer. Turn the securing arm of the sash jammer 90 degrees, so it is in a locking position on the window. If the end of the sash jammer is a tight fit against the window frame, then you will need to remove the cap by pulling it off. If there is a small gap, then leave the cap on the end.

5. Remove the sash jammer from the window, and using a drill, make pilot holes where you have marked on the window.

6. Place the sash jammer back onto the window panel, and using a drill and 3mm drill bit, screw 2 x self-drilling screws (B) into the sash jammer to secure it.

7. Take 2 of the caps (C) and press them down over the 2 holes on the sash jammer.

8. Check to make sure the sash jammer operates correctly. To do this, turn the securing arm of the sash jammer 90 degrees (left or right depending which side of the window the handle is on), so it is in a locking position on the window. Then try to open your window. If you cannot open your window, the sash jammer is operating correctly.

9. Repeat steps 1-7 with the other sash jammer.

Window Lock (Sash Jammer) Guarantee

We guarantee the window lock (sash jammer) and finish against the following;

Surface Coating

We guarantee the window lock (sash jammer) and finish against the following;

Surface Coating Failure

We guarantee that the window lock (sash jammer) will not tarnish for a period of 2 years subject to;

1. The window lock (sash jammer) are applied internally to a door, window frame or door panel and no item of door furniture on the door, window frame or door panel are sealed or fixed using any  form of silicone sealant or the like

2. The window lock (sash jammer) are fixed internally and correctly using the correct fixings and are not scratched or damaged at any time during the installation process or thereafter

3. The window lock (sash jammer) are cleaned monthly with a moist cloth and not with any form of cleaning agents

4. No claim will be accepted for any window lock (sash jammer) that is scratched or mutilated or fitted incorrectly


We guarantee that the window lock (sash jammer) will not fail mechanically during the 2 year guarantee period subject to the conditions outlined above.

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